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"I've (Probably) Doubled
My Opt-in Rate"

Randy Ingermanson,

Results: My primary goal is to increase the number of signups for my Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, which is the largest e-zine in the world on how to write fiction.

For the month of October, I had about 300 signups, which was a typical month. I implemented a Segmentex quiz on my three highest traffic pages in mid-November. I saw an immediate increase in signups. My preliminary data tells me that I will be seeing about 500 to 700 signups per month from now on. I expect to have more accurate data in a couple of weeks.

Sources Of Traffic: Virtually all my traffic is organic. I have a large number of incoming links and I also rank in the top 10 on Google for about 50 keyphrases. I am #1 on Google for several important keyphrases.

Product Mix: I sell only my own products (software, e-books, and MP3s) on my web site and this accounts for most of my revenue. I also have a few affiliate links, but this is less than 10% of my revenue. I only use affiliate products that I like and use myself, when they fill a hole in my niche that I can't fill with one of my own products.

Comments: I really love the Segmentex system! I have only implemented one quiz so far, and it's been quite a hit. I plan to eventually have 6 to 8 quizzes on my site, each targeted toward a different product. Currently, I only have one quiz, but I preface it with a few segmentation questions to help me understand my site visitors better. I've already learned some interesting facts about who is coming to my site and what they need. I expect to continue to evolve my segmentation methods as I learn more about my customers.

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