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Here's What Some Niche Internet Marketers (Vendors And Affiliates) Are Saying About The Segmentex Niche Marketing Sales Funnel Method

Dan and Jennifer (of got a 45% optin rate from those who took a quiz on their site.

If you don't know who Dan and Jennifer are, let's just say they are the Gary Vaynerchuk of the sex advice niche.

If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, he's the wine guy Rich Schefferin profiled a while back.


45% post-quiz opt-in Rate

Dan and Jennifer (of got a 45% optin rate from those who took a quiz on their site.

That's pretty good for general traffic. Dan and Jennifer have placed their quiz on a page with a lot of other stuff going on, and they have a lot of repeat visitors, so they don't get the 80% participation rate you would have if the quiz were the only desired outcome on a page that receives mostly new visitors. But if they did, they'd have a healthy 36% optin rate for general traffic. That's very good.

  Jim, we just love Segmentex, it's an awesome tool and we recommend it HIGHLY.

Giving your visitors a fun quiz is a great way to get them to opt in to your list. Plus, people love to share fun, interesting stuff with others. And that's what's different from offering a typical free report ... this is an opt-in mechanism that your visitors actually share with their friends!

Over the past two years we've been fortunate enough to build one of the most trusted and well respected Love & Sex advice resources online: Ask Dan and Jennifer (, with over 2 million views per month between our websites and video properties.

But over that time, one thing we completely ignored (although we knew better) is email direct response marketing: building a long term, trust relationship with your first time visitors. We decided it was time to change that, but our focus is on creating fun, interactive quizzes to segment our visitors in to specific interest groups so we can better give them the answers and information that will actually help them. So we looked and looked for an online quiz software - a largely disappointing search. Until a friend told us about Segmentex, which was actually in beta at the time.

And wow, talk about revolutionary. Not only does Segmentex allow you to make a visually appealing quiz that's fun for your visitors to take, but it allows you to ask certain questions that "segment" (get it?) your visitors into interest groups, and transparently guides them to different quizzes. There's a bit of a learning curve getting your quiz and it's segmenting path set up, but is it ever worth it.

So we set up a Segmentex quiz and set up our Aweber account with a full email autoresponder sequence. Less than 30 days later we had our first 600 subscribers to our ultra targeted opt-in list, enjoying the autoresponder sequence specifically targeted to their area of interest. And just 30 days after that, we're at 1300 subscribers on our list, and building a solid long term trust relationship with our readers.

Our site and video show is well known and recognized for our insightful and non-judgmental approach to love and particularly sexuality related topics that most people won't talk about, certainly not in a serious, in-depth manner. A great example here is our recently launched Sex Honesty campaign.

Segmentex allows us to walk our readers and viewers through fun quizzes where they basically tell us where they need help the most, so that we in turn can provide them that help. We plan to keep deploying new Segmentex quiz-based opt-in funnels for all the top areas of interest for our readers and viewers, so we can provide them timely, quality information where they need it most.

Check out our first Segmentex quiz here: The Orgasm Quiz

Thanks Jim, great product, and helping us help thousands and thousands of people in a fun, interactive way. Keep doing what you're doing!

Have an awesome day!


"I've (Probably) Doubled
My Opt-in Rate"

Randy Ingermanson,

Results: My primary goal is to increase the number of signups for my Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, which is the largest e-zine in the world on how to write fiction.

For the month of October, I had about 300 signups, which was a typical month. I implemented a Segmentex quiz on my three highest traffic pages in mid-November. I saw an immediate increase in signups. My preliminary data tells me that I will be seeing about 500 to 700 signups per month from now on. I expect to have more accurate data in a couple of weeks.

Sources Of Traffic: Virtually all my traffic is organic. I have a large number of incoming links and I also rank in the top 10 on Google for about 50 keyphrases. I am #1 on Google for several important keyphrases.

Product Mix: I sell only my own products (software, e-books, and MP3s) on my web site and this accounts for most of my revenue. I also have a few affiliate links, but this is less than 10% of my revenue. I only use affiliate products that I like and use myself, when they fill a hole in my niche that I can't fill with one of my own products.

Comments: I really love the Segmentex system! I have only implemented one quiz so far, and it's been quite a hit. I plan to eventually have 6 to 8 quizzes on my site, each targeted toward a different product. Currently, I only have one quiz, but I preface it with a few segmentation questions to help me understand my site visitors better. I've already learned some interesting facts about who is coming to my site and what they need. I expect to continue to evolve my segmentation methods as I learn more about my customers.

Sarah Hurty, PhD,

"After Segmentex, my clients are now able to . . . segment the visitor to the right quiz questions for their needs."

Jim Stone's Segmentex revolutionized the way financial advisors can now market on the web. I'm a marketing coach for financial advisors, and the number one goal from their online marketing efforts is to get the contact information for quality leads. The challenge is that financial advisors serve a broad range of client demographics with a wide variety of products and service.

Before using Jim's software, I had to use a generic quiz program that would deliver questions that might be of interest to the lowest common denominator. So the retiree searching for safe investments or guaranteed income and the small business owner needing to reduce taxes would get the same quizzes. There was no way to distinguish between them.

After Jim's program, my clients are now able to ask very detailed, personal questions in order to segment the visitor to the right quiz questions for their needs.Jim's program, my clients are now able to ask very detailed, personal questions in order to segment the visitor to the right quiz questions for their needs. Because those questions are asked as part of this detailed quiz, the visitors are willing to answer them, whereas they are not willing to do so usually. The result is that my advisors:

  • recieve detailed demographic information emailed to them on each quiz taker
  • display custom quiz questions tailored to the demographics and needs of that quiz taker
  • gently educate the quiz taker in the answers on complex topics and pre-sell them on solutions
  • offer free information tailored precisely to the quiz taker's need

Nothing else even comes close to delivering these results. And when I needed a couple of custom features, Jim was very responsive and wonderful to work with. Client service with his software is top notch. He codes this himself and understand marketing very well. This is not an outsourced software product to make quick bucks and then drop. That gives me confidence, because I have to have a long term solution for my long term clients.

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